One of the vital things to consider when going to live anywhere is accommodation. As an international student of Teesside University, the cost of living and ambiance should be at the top of your priority list.

With a population of over 140,000, Middlesbrough remains one of the cheapest towns to live in, in the United Kingdom. The primary attraction that brings immigrants from parts of the world is Teesside University, and as such, residential homes close to the institution are most desirable.

Before diving into the cost of living in these residential homes, here are some of the areas that are advisable for students and young professionals with families. The rent per month for a 1 bed apartment is between £350 to £600. A 2 bedroom is between £470 to £600 while a 3 bedroom costs £500 to £800 depending on the area. Some of these apartments are well furnished, mainly the student apartments which makes it convenient for students.

Town Centre: Middlesbrough Town Centre is close to Teesside University and, it comprises mainly of humble Victorian terraces. These terraces are flat-fronted versions with two to three bedrooms. They are on roads such as Falmouth street and Worcester street. If you’re looking for houses with attractive bay windows, then your best bet is housing on Beaumont Road and Crescent road.

Still in the town center, you’d find more modern semi-detached properties on Homerton Road and Brigham Road.

The Suburbs: This residential area is for students and families with slightly larger budgets. The areas involved are Acklam, Marton-in-Cleaveland, Linthorpe, and Nunthorpe. Considering the well-interconnected roads and efficient transport system in Middlesbrough, they’re also close to Teesside University for the students. In an area like the Acklam, you’d find traditional semis with bay windows, Marton-in-Cleaveland has eye-catching detached and semi-detached properties with generous gardens.

Generally, Middlesbrough is a great place to live with public structures and conserved areas like Albert Park, Stewart Park, The Cleveland Centre, The Avenue of Trees, Middlesbrough Central Library, Townhall, and a host of others to make life comfortable for residents.

For families with kids and teenagers, there are competent nursery and primary schools as well as colleges. In terms of security, Middlesbrough is safe and filled with friendly people willing to help, not neglecting the official authorities.

Cost Of Living In Middlesbrough

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Thes cost of living in Middlesbrough is competitively affordable compared to other towns and cities like Sunderland and Newcastle.  The average cost of living is between £500 to £920.96 without rent and the average rent is £445.65 for a student with a minimal number of rooms. The price increases depending on the number of rooms and occupants.

For young professionals coming to work, the average salary depends on your field of work and experience. The minimum wage for professionals is £9.

The cost of the utility bill is between £80 to 150£ per month. Food and groceries  are very affordable in shops like Aldi, Lidi, Iceland and Sainsbury.

 Asides from studying and working, the town remains one of the best places to live with its affordable house prices. The long-term regeneration projects, new restaurants, galleries & bars, rich and interesting history make the town unique.

Residential Areas In Middlesbrough

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Housing in Middlesbrough remains one of the most affordable in the UK, and as a student or family planning to move here, you can be assured of essential amenities, safety and a good road network in any of the residential areas.

Your area of choice will depend largely on your budget in getting a house, and in this video below, we showcase some of the residential areas in Middlesbrough and their housing structures.

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