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As an international student, I know how difficult it is to figure out your environment, what to do to settle into the new system and live your desired life. It is very frustrating and confusing.  I have put this article together in order to make it easy for you to settle in Middlesbrough..

1 Pick up your BRP Card from the Post office.

BRP is your British Resident Permit  – Follow the instructions from the documents attached to your visa to pick up your BRP.

 You should keep your BRP safe as it can substitute for your Identity card.

2 Register with a GP:

 A GP is a General Practitioner which we call a doctor in Nigeria. In the UK, everyone is required to  register with a GP. Google a GP close to your postcode and register with one as soon as you arrive. Make sure you do the same with your family if they are with you. You will get a message about your NHS Number after your registration. Document needed: A proof of address (Your Tenancy Agreement can serve as one) Traveling passport and BRP Card.

3. Open a Bank Account

It is essential to own a bank account. To open a bank account in the UK, you will need proof of address, a Letter of Enrollment from your university, your BRP card, and Your passport.

Some of the banks are Lloyd Bank,HSBC, NatWest Bank and Barclays Bank.

4 Register with Middlesbrough Council

You can register at It is advisable to do this to get updates from your local government. You can apply for council tax and upload your exception letter.

5 Register your children in a School

It is compulsory to register your child in school in the UK. Education is free for children from age 5 to 18. . The UK education system is totally different from that of Nigeria. You have to contact the local authority  to enroll your children in one of the schools in the town.  In the UK, children are placed in classes based on their age. Here is a link, to calculate your child’s school year. .

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